Hi!  I’m Elizabeth, also known as The Wild Olive.

In case you are wondering where that monicker came from, it’s from Romans 11:17

Romans 11:17 graphic

What can you expect to find here?

  • I am a passionate home cook.  I love creating new recipes, learning and developing new techniques in the kitchen, and exploring food and drink trends.  I will be sharing my recipes, tips and tricks as well as cookbooks, products and equipment I use and love.
  • I am a passionate follower of Jesus and student of the Bible.  I have a Masters in Biblical Studies, and I am happiest in the Word, doing life together with other women.  I will be sharing articles and shorter, devotional style posts exploring various Scriptures and Christian doctrines and how we can apply them to our lives.
  • I am a relentless learner and “trier of new things.”  I will also occasionally be sharing books I find impactful, products I am psyched about, travel tips, etc.  I am a writer and a teacher by heart – when I learn something new, I’m not content till I’ve passed it on!

While I’ve been sporadically blogging for years at my free WordPress.com site, I am new to this whole self-hosted, serious website thing.  What I have learned so far about blogging, site development, graphic design, etc., has been mind blowing.  I know I have a ton more to learn. I have been waiting for “the perfect moment” when I have everything perfectly figured out.  But I’m not perfect and blogging is a swiftly moving target.  I finally realized there is no such thing as “the perfect moment,” and I just need to make the leap into the great big “out there”.  So January 18, 2019 is it, launch day.

My Promise to you:

  • I will never take lightly the gift of your time spent reading what I share.  My goal for every post, every email, every page is to share information that solves a problem you have, answers a question you have, improves your life in some way, or maybe just makes you laugh.
  • I will never promote anything I don’t love, use and believe in wholeheartedly.  If I mention a product, book, website or expert I follow, it is something I believe would benefit you as well.
  • I am a work in progress and this blog is a work in progress.  There will be mistakes.  There will be technical glitches.  But I also hope this will be a place where you feel welcome and at home.  A place where you learn new things, where you feel encouraged and valued.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


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