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I think we can all agree we’re glad to have 2020 behind us. That was, um, something else wasn’t it? I hope we can all also agree that 2020 wasn’t without blessings, highlights and some valuable lessons learned.

If you haven’t spent time reflecting on 2020 to see past all the drama and focus on those things that were good, I encourage you to grab your journal and do so. Nothing is ever ALL bad, and we can always find something good to focus on. Things like less business travel so your hubs is home more (just me?), more time spent with family and close friends (albeit outside around the fire pit), schedules cleared out of a lot of things that shouldn’t be clogging them up in the first place. If nothing else, we all got a lot more flex time in our calendars.

If you haven’t been around here all year (or in awhile) here are this year’s most popular posts. Enjoy, and many blessings on us all in 2021!!!

2020 Was a Year in Which People Were Seeking Comfort, Security and Peace in Their Lives

2021 doesn’t look to be much different on that point. None of us know what is ahead politically, economically or health wise. These posts offer practical ways to stay grounded and focused regardless of what is going on in the world.

5 Ways to Stay Grounded in Crisis | How to Cope with Uncertainty
Pinnable Image for Article on Matthew 7:24-27
Pinnable image for article on IPeter 5:8-10
Pinnable image for article on how small actions can have a huge impact

We were all home a lot more in 2020 and people were looking for ways to make home safer and more comfortable.

Right after the lockdown started my hubby was granted a two month sabbatical. We spent a lot of time hiking and working around the house – him gussying up the outside and me purging the inside. We also spent a lot of time reviewing how we run our household, including our cleaning routine. Here some popular posts from 2020 that will help you save time and money while keeping your home clean and healthful.

Pinnable image for article on why you should not make your bed first thing
pinnable image for Homemade Shower Spray
5 Things to always have in your Car | Road Safety Tips
5 Ways to Save Money on Herbs and Spices | Spices | Saving Money

While were home, many people got adventurous in the kitchen.

People who normally ate out every day discovered the joy and creative outlet of cooking. Many of us got into making bread while others got busy turning gorgeous summer fruit into jams and spreads to enjoy all year. Here are a few popular recipes on the site this year.

pinnable image for Triple Berry Jam recipe
pinnable image for Blueberry Grape Jam recipe
Pinnable image for Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread Recipe
pinnable image for cranberry orange sweet roll recipe

And Here it is – the Breakaway Star of 2020 on the Wild Olive!

Apparently, by summertime people got tired of making sourdough and decided to try their hand at making pickles. This simple recipe was the #1 Dill Pickle Chip recipe on Pinterest, and still is today! My Dill Pickle Chips are super easy and don’t make a pantry full – perfect for singles or small families (or small kitchens!)

Facebook Image for Dill Pickle Chip Recipe

Here’s to a 2021 full of health, peace and adventure – for all of us!



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